Chislehurst Golf Club
The Course is Open with play to 16 main greens and 2 temporary greens (11&15) Trolleys are permitted but NO buggies. (updated 14 December at 08:12)
Dress Code


Faber Bar: Formal, smart casual and clean golfing wear are all permitted.
Mixed Lounge: Smart casual wear is permitted unless otherwise specified.
Oval Room: As Mixed Lounge except when the Dining Room is in use at lunch times. On these occasions the room will be used as an alternative dining room with smart casual wear permitted.
Members' Bar: Formal, smart casual and clean golfing wear are all permitted.
Dining Room: As Mixed Lounge except for all lunch functions and evening dinners and for Sunday lunches when formal wear is obligatory.

Formal wear is shirt and jacket for men and non-golfing wear for ladies.  Please note that jeans are not considered formal wear.
Golf shoes may only be worn in the Faber Bar and in the locker rooms.


Dress on the course should comprise –

Golf shirt and golf trousers or similar. Shirts must have collars or be turtle neck golf shirts and be tucked into trousers at all times.
No shirts are permitted displaying names or numbers other than golf logos.
When wearing shorts these must be knee length for men and tailored for all.
Socks worn on the golf course must be visible. If socks are shorter than calf-length they should be predominantly white or light coloured.
Play is permitted only when golf shoes are worn.
All headgear must be worn correctly. ‘Back to front’ headgear is not permitted.


No t-shirts, jeans or trainers are permitted on the golf course and no t-shirts or trainers are permitted in the clubhouse and in wet conditions trousers tucked into socks are not acceptable.
No headgear is permitted in the clubhouse.

Smart casual wear is not clothing you have worn on the course, jeans with any rips, t-shirts, collarless shirts or trainer type footwear.

Use of MOBILE PHONES is allowed ONLY IN THE CAR PARK and LOCKER ROOMS and in no other areas. If being carried, phones MUST BE TURNED OFF AT ALL TIMES.


The Ladies' Committee is responsible for the standard of dress of the ladies’ section and urges all ladies conform to the spirit of the gentlemen's dress regulations.