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Meet the Captains
Men's Captain - Jon Chapman
Golf has always been a big focus in my life. My Father was a golfer and I joined South Herts Golf Club at the age of 10. Although initially I didn't play much, by the time I was 13 I had developed a passion for the game and, by the time I was 15, had reached a handicap of 6 and become Junior Captain. For a short while I deluded myself that I might one day make it as a Pro (what reasonably talented junior golfer hasn't thought the same?), but by the age of 17 I had probably peaked as other distractions took over. I have continued to play throughout my life and also have a love of watching Pro golf. I have attended numerous Open Championships, many Ryder Cups, a US Open and recently made a trip to Augusta for the US Masters. I have been a member at Chislehurst Golf Club for 30 years and am proud of our Club and our course as well as enjoy the community spirit and friendships that our Club engenders. I am therefore very proud to have been asked to represent the Club as their Captain this year and have thoroughly appreciated the support and encouragement of the members. Despite experiencing a love/hate relationship with the game due to my innate inconsistency, it is part of me and will always remain so in one guise or another.
Lady Captain - Suzanne Doyle
I started playing golf eleven years ago and have been a member at Chislehurst Golf Club for eight years. From the moment I picked up a golf club I found that I really enjoyed the challenge of the game, playing in all weathers both for fun and competition. Working part time enabled me to play on Wednesdays with the midweek ladies also at weekends with the seven-day members and business ladies. I soon felt very much a part of this friendly club. Since joining CGC I've been actively involved in the club. My three-year role as handicaps and competition secretary gave me a great insight into the running and organising of the Ladies section and the club itself, working closely with our Lady captains, our Professional, Committee, office team and General Manager. It is a great way to get to know our members also in the process make new friends. When I was invited to take on the role of Lady Captain I felt it would be the perfect opportunity to give something back in return. It's an exciting time at Chislehurst with a new Board of Directors and Management. Its great to work with the team with an aim to move forward and improve our Club. We are very fortunate to have such an excellent Board and Committee, a willing and supportive group of members that complement our excellent clubhouse and course. My role as Lady Captain has been a lot of fun and very rewarding. Im thoroughly enjoying my year and finding that the time is flying by. A couple of my highlights have been my Irish themed Lady Captains day which brought hilarity and Irishness to a new level. The resurrection of our Ladies Open Day which was a great success and promises an event for years to come. Im playing lots of golf and love the Captain-Pro matches. I also enjoy meeting our new members and helping them to integrate into our club. I look forward to meeting up with you and welcoming you to our many golf and social events.
Men's Vice Captain - Robert Finlay
I have been playing golf for about 33 years, but had my first introduction to Chislehurst golf club working on the course for Ruben Faulkner at the tender age of 16. I helped to clear the pits on the 7th and 13th holes from overgrown shrubs, years before the holes were reshaped. I also had a hand in rebuilding the bunkers on the 2nd, 12th and 16th under the supervision of Peter Bolt. During my late teens and early twenties, I helped behind the bar with steward Ken Seeley and his understudy Tim Barbi or as Nigel Pearson (the GM at the time) used to call them; Ken and Barbie! Joining Chislehurst in 1995 as a seven-day member, I added to the family connections since my late farther, Geoffrey, was already a member and mother, Maureen, worked in the office for Nigel. Over time, I became more familiar with the membership and, when my brother Stephen joined in 2003, golf at Chislehurst became a far more regular event and saw improvements in my game and integration into the club. Successes soon followed in the Brothers Open with Stephen, the West Kent Trophy Team and the odd Turkey Trot to name a few. For me, golf is a great sport that requires discipline and patience and Chislehurst offers a wonderful place to learn the sport and compete at a high standard against other courses in the area. Off the golf course, I have been a software developer for over 20 years working in the city of London for independent software houses, Lloyds insurance agencies, derivative brokers and, more recently, financial consultancies. I am very much looking forward to the challenge and responsibility the captaincy brings. I'm also excited about the role of Mens Vice Captain and, although in its infancy, it offers a chance to plan and prepare for the year ahead with Lady Vice Captain, Ruth Griffin. I also look forward to meeting more of the membership via competitions and working with the Office, Board and Committee throughout year and will no doubt see you at the club soon.
Ladies' Vice Captain - Ruth Griffin
I first started playing golf at Chislehurst as a junior, following in both my father and grandmothers footsteps. I have memories of group lessons with the Pro, Sydney Mason, standing in a line on the 15th fairway by the Temple on a Sunday afternoon hitting balls. Unfortunately I was put off competitive golf whilst playing in my first competition and only played with my father after that. I rejoined Chislehurst shortly after getting my second teaching job. I yearned for some outdoor activity and, having tried hockey, decided a walk to the ball and hit was a far better option than running! Chislehurst Golf Club was the obvious option as my father still played there. With the encouragement of some of the lady members I soon had a handicap but I was still reluctant to enter any of the competitions. It only needed a phone call from Barbara Gibson, one of the lowest handicapper players in the club, inviting me to play a foursomes with her to break the ice. She encouraged me to take part in the Stablefords and then Medals at the weekend. The business ladies group grew and was such fun. From then on I was hooked! After 30 years of playing at Chislehurst, with lots of ups and downs along the way, I've come to realise what a truly wonderful club it is and how fortunate we are in having such a beautiful building as our clubhouse and, more importantly, in having such fabulous members who support each other in life's challenges. I feel very honoured to selected as our next Ladies Captain and look forward to working with Robert in representing you, our fellow members. We are already planning lots of fun events, both on and off the course, which we hope will be enjoyed by all.
Meet our Past Captains
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